Who Blew The Biggest Bubble Gum Bubble In The World?

Who blew the biggest bubble gum bubble in the world?

who blew the biggest bubble gum bubble in the world

Everyone loves a good bubble gum blowing contest. Blowing a big bubble gum bubble is a memorable (and fun!) achievement, whether you’ve got the greatest bubble in your school or even in the world!

There are two notable record holders for the greatest bubblegum bubble: Susan Montgomery Williams and Chad Fell.

  • The first record breaker was Susan Montgomery Williams who blew a bubble with a 58.4-centimeter (23″) diameter in 1993.
  • The second record breaker was Chad Fell who blew a bubble with a 50.8-centimeter (23″) diameter in 2004.

Although Fell’s bubble was slightly smaller than Montgomery Williams’, he holds the Guinness World Record for the largest unassisted bubble. An unassisted bubble means that Fell did not use his hands to support the gum during the bubble-blowing process.

It takes quite a lot of dexterity skills to handle a bubble that big hands-free, that’s for sure!

Who blew the biggest unassisted bubble gum bubble on record?

Susan Montgomery Williams still holds the ultimate title of the greatest bubble gum bubble ever blown in recorded history. No unassisted bubble blower has yet been able to beat her record of a 58.4-centimeter diameter (that’s nearly two feet wide!).

Which brand of bubble gum will blow the biggest bubbles?

which bubble gum brand will blow the biggest bubbles

Several brands are popular within the bubble-blowing crowd. Brands with soft, light, chewy bubble gums usually have the best outcomes for blowing giant bubbles.

For example, Chad Fell used three pieces of Dubble Bubble, the original bubble gum brand, to blow his record-breaking bubble.

Other popular bubble gum brands for jumbo bubbles include Hubba Bubba and Big League Chew.

Why do some brands of bubble gum stretch into larger bubbles than others?

Bubble gum stretchiness comes down to a brand’s specific bubble gum formula. Most bubble gum brands use a combination of plasticizers and polymers to create a chewy, stretchy gum base.

For gum to stretch into a sizable bubble it needs to be malleable, meaning soft and easy to manipulate, squish, or stretch out. This texture requires a gum formula that is soft and stretchy without being too sticky or thick.

When gum is too sticky, as the original bubble gum creator Frank Fleer discovered, it won’t blow into a perfect bubble. It took many years of trial and error to perfect the recipe that gave the world Dubble Bubble – the first bubble gum on the market.

What is the world record for chewing gum the longest?

what is the world record for chewing gum the longest

Guinness World Records doesn’t yet have a record for the longest gum-chewing session. Other organizations have attempted to track potential record breakers. Some sources claim that Richard Walker holds the record for the longest time chewing gum at eight hours.

Walker reportedly went through 135 sticks of gum during that time.

Why is bubble gum better for bubbles than chewing gum?

why is bubble gum better for bubbles than chewing gum

Companies make bubblegum and chewing gum with different ingredients for different experiences. Bubble gum is made with a stretchy and soft texture to optimize bubble-blowing potential and make it easy to work with in your mouth.

A typical piece of bubble gum is also larger than standard chewing gum as you’ll need more of it to blow bubbles well. On the other hand, chewing gum is made to be thick and chewy which is better for chomping than for blowing.

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