Where Can You Buy Bubble Gum Ice Cream?

Craving the sweet taste of bubble gum and wondering where you can buy bubble gum ice cream? Tracking down a bowl of this unique flavor might not be as difficult as you think!

It’s all below.

Where Can You Buy Bubble Gum Ice Cream?

where to find bubble gum ice cream

Most bubble gum lovers know this flavor from Baskin-Robbins. The Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop sells a delicious pink bubblegum treat packed with candy pieces. Theice cream shop chain is one of the most popular choices for finding this style of it.

If you don’t live near a Baskin-Robbins shop don’t worry – certain stores also sell this classic flavor in the freezer section. Check your local grocery store and see if they carry Baskin-Robbins ice cream, although I can tell you a few places where you’ll have a better chance of finding it:

  • Some popular department stores sell bubblegum ice cream like Walmart. The store’s Great Value brand now produces bubble gum ice cream with real multi-colored candy pieces. This is a great option for those without access to Baskin-Robbins ice cream.
  • Other stores that carry it are Target, Safeway, Albertsons, and Randalls.
  • Even the Instacart service can deliver it.
  • Amazon carries some varieties of freeze-dried bubble gum ice cream, giving you even more options!

What Does Bubble Gum Ice Cream Taste Like?

what does bubble gum ice cream taste like

Bubble gum is a type of novelty flavor in the ice cream industry and the particular taste will depend on the manufacturer. However, in most cases, bubble gum ice cream has a creamy vanilla ice cream base with small pieces of flavored gum. Others provide a bubble gum flavor instead of the actual chewing gum bits.

It gets its sugary gumball taste through artificial flavoring and not all are similar:

  • Some types of bubble gum ice cream use real gum pieces.
  • Other versions use flavoring and candy pieces (or similar) and may not have real chewing gum bits in the creamy dessert.

Real bubble gum vs gum flavored ice cream

  • When real gum isn’t used, companies mix ingredients like artificial flavors and texturing to replicate bubblegum. Most ice cream companies begin with a vanilla ice cream base which can be simulated vanilla or real vanilla bean flavoring, although that’s less common.
  • For real gum ice cream, they add bubble gum extract and chunks of real bubble gum until the ice cream reaches the perfect flavor. Then the mixture is churned with an ice cream maker to get a nice and even consistency.
  • Each ice cream manufacturer’s version of bubblegum ice cream treats can be different in flavor and the gum pieces used. Generally speaking, however, bubble gum has a sweet and slightly fruity flavor profile, with notes of strawberry, banana, and cherry.

In fact, at some ice cream shops, you’ll discover whole real gumballs – like from a real gumball machine – right inside the treat!

What Are the Pink Pieces in Bubble Gum Ice Cream?

Depending on the brand, the pink pieces inside real gum balls or bubble gum flavored candy pieces. Baskin-Robbins pink bubble gum ice cream includes real bubble gum pieces. Most homemade versions also include actual bubble gum, typically in the form of crushed gumballs.

Other ice cream shops choose bubble gum-flavored candy rather than real gum pieces. This candy contains no gum base, only sugar, oils, and artificial flavor.

Are You Supposed To Eat the Gum in Bubblegum Ice Cream?

can you eat the gum in bubblegum ice cream

As a child, you may remember someone telling you it is dangerous to swallow gum, but is this true? Contrary to that old myth, gum does not stay in your stomach for years and is safe to eat. You’re not supposed to swallow it but rather chew it – however, it won’t hurt you to do so.

Of course, consuming large amounts of gum could cause intestinal problems like constipation. The amount of gum in bubblegum ice cream is so small that eating those little pink pieces is safe.

What Happens if You Swallow Gum?

While companies designed gum for chewing and not swallowing, the gum is not dangerous if swallowed. Almost everything humans consume passes through the digestive system even if the stomach never actually digests it.

Bubblegum falls into this category. The human body does not digest it but it still easily works its way through the digestive tract like pretty much any other food that can’t be digested such as popcorn kernels.

Why Do People Like Bubble Gum Ice Cream?

why do people like bubble gum ice cream

People love bubble gum ice cream for many reasons. It is super sweet and creamy, making it the perfect cold dessert treat. It’s also somewhat rare and is one of the coolest types of ice cream treats ever made if you’re able to find it.

Kids especially enjoy bubble gum ice cream. Bubble gum ice cream comes in nontraditional colors like pink and blue, and the candy gum ball pieces create a fun textural experience. Even adults enjoy bubble gum ice cream because the nostalgic flavor makes you feel like a kid again.

People with food sensitivities might also like bubble gum ice cream. Most bubble gum ice cream is gluten-free and nut-free, meaning even more people can enjoy this unique flavor.

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