What Is The Most Popular Bubble Gum Color? Quick Gum Facts

What Is the Most Popular Bubble Gum Color?

what is the most popular bubble gum color

If you’re like me, when you think of bubble gum you probably have a picture pop up with a lovely pink hue like the bubble gum you grew up with. Pink has been associated with bubble gum since it was first invented and sold in the 1920s, so it’s no wonder that it quickly became so well known across the world.

And that’s the answer, in fact: despite many different brands and colors of bubble gum sold over the years, pink is still the most popular and preferred bubble gum color.

Why Was Pink Chosen as the Original Color of Bubble Gum?

During an experiment to create a new type of gum in 1928, a man named Walter Diemer added a few drops of red dye to his recipe. That’s because the gum he created used a natural gum base that had a sort-of odd grey color.

Even back then, he had a knack for knowing what people wanted and he knew a grey color wouldn’t appeal to people.

The red dye faded to light pink, creating the iconic look of the bubble gum we know today. If Diemer had other dyes on hand we might have had many different bubble gum colors – can you imagine how things might have been different based just on luck?

Personally, I’m fairly sure we’d still end up with pink bubble gum, ha ha.

What Is the Most Popular Type of Gum?

what is the most popular type of gum

Bubble gum has a long history in pop culture, but its popularity has waned over the years in favor of longer-lasting and mint-based flavors. Currently, Wrigley’s Extra gum in the Spearmint flavor sits at the number one spot as the most popular type of chewing gum.

Wrigley’s other flavors also rank in the top five with Dubble Bubble nowhere in sight. However, don’t get the impression that bubble gum isn’t popular – in fact, quite the opposite is true.

The truth is that people often use standard chewing gum for refreshing their breath while bubble gum is definitely still very popular with kids, teens, young adults, and even working professionals like myself!

I love a nice refreshing sugar-free chewing gum but to be honest, I still love to blow bubbles and there’s no substitute for a good bubble gum when it comes to that. Many people can’t blow bubbles while working or don’t want to draw attention to themselves so they choose regular chewing gum instead of bubble gum.

Since standard chewing gum is smaller in size and easier to conceal while chewing you’re less likely to get caught with it at work, at school, or in other places where its prohibited or frowned upon.

What Is the Best Flavor of Gum?

what is the best flavor of gum

Picking the “best” flavor of gum is a tall order since everyone has different tastes, but here are some amazing gum facts to know based on statistics about gum sales in the United States:

  • Kids: Studies have shown that kids prefer flavors such as strawberry or blue raspberry.
  • Teens to pre-teens: Younger generations tend to prefer fruity flavors.
  • Grown adults: Adults tend to veer toward classic stick gum flavors of wintergreen and spearmint.
  • Generational data: Millennials and up opt for a minty taste over fruit or bubblegum.

Don’t let the statistics influence, you, however. Want to know the honest truth? The best flavor of gum is the one that you enjoy the most.

Personally, I encourage you to find the flavor that you like and then look for a sugar-free version of that. That way you’ll be able to enjoy it without the risk of tooth decay, especially with products that use a natural, non-chemical sweetener such as Xylitol or Stevia.

What Exactly Is Bubble Gum Flavor?

The iconic flavor of bubble gum is made up of several chemicals that combine to create a smell and taste that mimics natural fruit flavors. These chemicals, called esters, provide the taste buds with a mix of banana, cinnamon, cherry, orange, and sometimes wintergreen and pineapple notes.

What Was the First Bubble Gum Flavor?

The first bubble gum flavor is what most people consider the flavor named “tutti frutti,” which is a combination of several types of fruit-based flavors including banna, vanilla, cherry, orange, and lemon.

This iconic taste has also made a name for itself among ice cream and cakes, as well as other confectionaries, and is immediately recognizable as the traditional bubble gum flavor.

Which Gum Lasts the Longest?

which gum lasts the longest

Although there are no scientific studies on which gum lasts the longest, the consensus is that mint-flavored gum lasts longer on average than fruit-based bubble gum.

The discrepancy might be because the chemicals found in mint gum have a tingling sensation that causes your tongue and brain to believe you are still tasting it. However, the science is limited as to the details.

How Did Bubble Gum Get Its Name?

how did bubble gum get its name

While Walter Diemer made the fateful decision to add color to his concoction, he didn’t leave the formula up to chance. Diemer was on a mission to create a type of gum you could not only chew but create bubbles as well.

As he wanted to test the recipe for public consumption, he took around 100 pieces of the chewing gum to a nearby store and it sold out the very same day!

Diemer oversaw the sales of the gum which was dubbed “Dubble Bubble” by his employer, Fleer Chewing Gum Company, and taught the other employees bubble-blowing techniques to increase sales. The chewing gum company sold over $1 million pieces of the popular bubble gum that year.

Hence, the chewing gum designed for blowing bubbles became known as “bubble gum.”

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