What Is A Push Pop Gummy Roll?

What is a Push Pop Gummy Roll?

what is a push pop gummy roll

Created by the same company that produced candy classics like the Push Pop, Push Pop Pump Spray, and Push Pop Jumbo comes the Push Pop Gummy Roll. The Push Pop Gummy rolls have launched into the spotlight for their flavors and unique dispenser.

What Ingredients are in a Gummy Roll?

Like most candy products, the Push Pop Gummy Rolls do not skimp on the sugar. Gummy Rolls are not a sugar-free food!

The main ingredients in the rolls are:

  • Modified corn starch
  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Artificial flavors

If you have any allergies associated with wheat, red dyes, or milk, it’s best to stay away from these, as every Gummy Roll product has some percentage of these irritants.

The gummy rolls are shelf-stable as well, meaning you do not have to worry about keeping them refrigerated.

What are Some of the Flavors Available?

Push Pop Gummy Rolls come in several delicious flavors, and there are sour and sweet options!

Current flavor offerings include Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Strawberry. If you want a more sour flavor, try the blue raspberry – but if you want a sweet treat, the strawberry is your best bet.

The secret ingredient is sour sugar, so every flavor is tart to some degree.

When Did the Push Pop Gummy Roll Come Out?

when did the push pop gummy roll come out

Kids flocked to stores in 2020 to purchase the latest Push Pop venture. The Gummy Rolls are widely loved and show no sign of discontinuation.

Gummy candy is a perpetual favorite among candy lovers worldwide, so the success of the Gummy Roll is no surprise.

How Much Do Push Pop Gummy Rolls Cost?

how much do push pop gummy rolls cost

Since there are so many purchase options of the gummy roll, prices range depending on how many you buy. A single Push Pop Gummy Roll costs less than $3.

Bigger Package Pricing

Ideal for classroom prizes, care packages, or pinata treats, the Push Pop Gummy Roll comes in packs of eight. The cost of the bulk candy is usually under $20.

Who Invented Gummy Rolls?

who invented gummy rolls

The Bazooka Candy Brand invented the Push Pop Gummy Rolls. They also created other classic favorites like Bazooka gum, Ring Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, and more.

Bazooka makes products that are entertaining to use, and the Gummy Roll is no exception. To get the gummi candy out of the package, use the press, push, pull method.

The Gummy Roll packaging resembles that of a masking tape dispenser.

What Other Kinds of Candy Does the Push Pop Company Make?

what other kinds of candy does the push pop company make

Push Pops are thankfully available in tons of different variations! The original Push Pop is, of course, the most well-known, but also of note are the:

  • Jumbo Push Pop – a super-sized version of the original
  • Push Pop Sliderz – hard candy comes out of a pen with a sliding handle
  • Triple Power Push Pop – three flavors in one mega Push Pop

If you want to get adventurous with your snack, try the Sliderz. They have flavors such as Berry Twist, Warped Watermelon, and Fruit Frenzy.

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